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The law firm, Bergonzoli & Toma is in Ascona, a well-known tourist centre in the Canton of Ticino, in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland. The law firm was established in 1983 and, quite purposely, has always been small-sized with a view of ensuring a direct and personal relation with each individual client.

Over the years, due to the touristic character and the internationalism of the Canton of Ticino and of the town Ascona in particular, an important sector bearing on different aspects of public and private international law has been developed alongside with the professional activity focussed on the Swiss civil and commercial law, in order to meet the needs of clients in the domain of real estate, succession and tax law.

The experience gained by both partners in their political activity as well as in administration and banking has allowed them to become highly competent as regards the relation between the citizen - whether Swiss or a foreign national - with the state in taxation and residence-related matters and the relation between banks and clients.

An important area of the activity of the law firm is the notary field, for both partners - besides practising law - work as notaries public. The law firm is therefore highly competent in all the legal and contractual aspects of notaryship in the domains of real property, succession and the certification of deeds.

To deal with very specific and specialist matters more effectively, the law firm has excellent connections with experts in criminal, tax, fiduciary and bank law so as to provide its clients with all kinds of advice.

The law firm carries out its activity in italian, german, english and french.

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